Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Most of those who build bungalows and commercial establishments do not have houses

What happens when some Worker doesn’t get his daily wage?

(Hypothetical case) Today, Kishore didn’t get his wage because of regular exploitation by his contractor. Returning from work, he had to buy medicines for his ailing wife, get his child admitted to a local school the next day and get his old mother some warm clothing for the winter. A daily wage earner like Kishore would be deprived of serving his family apart from lack of food at home if this exploitation continues.

Am I depriving Kishore of his basic right? There are 4 Lac workers in the city. Many of them are living a life unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

When I spoke to Kadambari few mins back, she brought forth the context of “Project Aawaaz” in front of me. I’m living in the reasons of people and have forgotten that I’m depriving workers in the bargain!

Unfortunately these families are prone to several diseases like Cancer due to chewing tobacco or smoking, diseases like AIDS, social issues like Child Labour & Gender Discrimination (Girl Child), Lack of Education for their kids, lack of hygiene & health-care, or even their Rights under The Building and Other Construction Worker Act, 1996.

If this continues for them and we don’t act upon this, the people who build the wealth of the city would be deprived of access to living a great life.

Aaawaaz” is about contributing to this group of families and bring awareness to them about each of these above issues and be part of their life altering experience where they can enjoy their work and their families could be happier and content being in our space.

Aaawaaz” will conduct street-plays, hold placards and distribute information about the rights of these workers – to these workers at their construction sites & colonies. “Aawaaz” will encourage workers to register themselves under the Building and Construction Workers’ Act of 1996.

It pains to see the apathy of the builders of “New India”.

How can we bring about a difference?
• Make groups of 10 volunteers
• Choose a cause which inspires the volunteers
• Practice a street-play with this cause as the theme (Aawaaz team has ready scripts for practice)
• Conduct Street-plays at different pockets of the city, where construction workers live & work. (Aawaaz team has identified such locations in the city of Mumbai)

To be part of the initiative, ring us…
Chirag Dedhia – 9323366945
Kiran Sukhija – 9323861060
Shashank Shetty – 9820214307
Jalay Pandya – 9769600711
Amit Behal – 9987828237
Swagata Karmalkar – 9819883310

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