Saturday, February 21, 2009

Discovery -- Sabse Bolo!

Each time I find something interesting over the internet, I've thought I'd share it with as many people I can. More than anything, these discoveries have inspired me to think beyond my "self-created limits". In some way or the other, I've shared such discoveries with my Web-Community!

Today, I am making a new beginning in that area. I'm sure each of us also finds something that interests us and inspires us to "think beyond". I propose to invite ideas over popularizing such inspiring findings. Out of such responses, we shall create a way to let the Web-Community know about each such discovery in the future.


Today I discovered a unique service. I never knew before that something so simple exists and that too FREE!

Discussions, Brainstorming Sessions & Meetings with upto 10 people can now be held at the convenience of your phone with a free Conferencing facility.

Check out
I found the website very user-friendly and informative. No jargon, No gimmiks & No hassles. Brilliant idea!
Do not forget to read the About Us & FAQs

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