Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Number to Ring All Your Phones

Google Resurrects GrandCentral Service: Comes Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a single phone number that, when called, can ring one or several of your other phone numbers as you choose, so you’re no longer tethered to a single work, home, or mobile number. The phone numbers are available in most U.S. area codes, though not internationally.

“Think of it as a way to manage the phone,” says Vincent Paquet, a GrandCentral cofounder and now senior product engineer at Google.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

McGraw-Hill Construction BIM Report Shows Growing Demand for Digital Models

Changing the Way Firms Do Business

The BIM SmartMarket Report shows that the BIM revolution is affecting firms in many ways. Major findings include:

-- BIM promotes a more collaborative environment, and users recognize a need to rethink roles and workflow.

-- 72% of users have had at least a moderate impact on their internal project processes, and two-thirds report that BIM has had at least a moderate impact on external project processes.

-- Half of users perceive BIM to have had a very positive impact on their companies; only 7% report a negative impact.

-- Most BIM users (73%) are at least moderately involved in green building projects and find BIM to be helpful with those projects. For example, BIM tools can be used to analyze the performance of energy efficiency elements and sustainable materials.

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