Sunday, November 14, 2010

Revit LT in the making?

This question has been around for quite long now amongst the Revit enthusiasts. Will or can there be a lite version of the flagship Autodesk product "Revit". Over the years, Autodesk has made several attempts at adding robust conceptual modelling tools in their kitty. Some years back, Autodesk pitched against Google to acquire SketchUp. But after Google bagged it, Autodesk went on to strengthen its own set of Conceptual tools in AutoCAD and Revit line of products.

Finally there is some noise again about Autodesk developing a separate application for conceptual design, simulation and analysis called Project Vasari. Its still to appear in the labs and once it is there, it'll be available to download and try at your own risk. Keep watching at the Autodesk Labs page. Click here to read more!